Do you enjoy creating visual points of interests in your home? Impactful home improvements make a statement and highlight your decor. Utilizing wallpaper that reflects the style or era you enjoy throughout your custom built home can be a bold but beautiful option. You don’t have to tear down walls or build new additions to emphasize or separate your spaces. A simple application of wallpaper can change the entire feel of a room.

Live Historic Happily

Forget the paint swatches, this year’s future is awash in wallpaper possibilities. The Lawrence Park area was made to embrace nature’s floral and fashion-forward accents. Beauty is in bloom everywhere. What better way to reflect the natural beauty of Lawrence Park then to utilize graphic floral print wallpaper as a feature wall in your home? Do you have friends that love springtime but struggle to enjoy the outdoors because of allergy issues? Brush-stroked wallpaper in petaled shades of pink, peach or even yellows allows friends and family to appreciate a gorgeous bouquet without the dreaded sneeze-attack!

Do you aim to steer clear of subtle pastel colors and implement modern wallpaper accents? Try floral printed wallpaper in metallic colors. For the modern artistic eye who enjoys changing perspectives, install wallpaper that reflects brilliant nuances while adding a contemporary feel to the more traditional in home improvements.

Geometrically Pleasing

If you delight in concise answers to complex questions, installing geometric wallpaper should top any category you listed under “must have” home improvements. Are you one who thrills at the sight of every dotted “i” and every sorted closet? A geometrically patterned kitchen backdrop can add visually bold touches that start and finish in total cohesion. Try a floor to ceiling wall of wallpaper shapes in brilliant colors to indulge your graphic art side.

In your search for home improvements that shout fascinating and fashion-forward, utilize every unused space in your home. Instead of allowing your ceiling to double as a cobweb catcher try adding geometric wallpaper. Draw your eyes up and give any room the illusion of higher ceilings and a larger space.

Color It Luxury

half bath with marble grey wallpaper and dark stained wood cabinet below marble sink

Do you want your home to look and feel custom? Luxurious wallpapers can give off a certain feeling of opulence and are cost-effective. These decadent wallpapers show well in any lighting. Gold and silver wallpapers catch the eye and capture the image of luxury in each shimmery application. Are you wanting just a tinge of understated elegance? Consider installing metallic wallpaper tinted in rose gold or bronze. Make sure no eye-catching patterns are warring for attention with the bold metallic of your wallpaper. Too many patterns in any space can affront your aesthetic senses. Less is more. Rooms with wall to wall wallpaper in stripe, polka dot, or animal prints can overwhelm the senses. Choose carefully to ensure your wallpaper does not compete with other decor choices you’ve made in your space.

Trendy Home Improvements

Wallpaper is back! Is it the ideal canvas to share your creativity with your friends and family?  Like the stunning greenery so synonymous with the Lawrence Park are, your home can be a true reflection of the beauty outside your doors. Watch your custom home blossom under your keen tutelage as you allow revolutionary design choices to reflect your unique aesthetic.