Now that you have decided to move forward with your plans for a custom built home in Lawrence Park, you may be thrilled to start making design decisions and to see progress being made. Alair Homes provides each valued customer with personalized assistance and expert guidance through all stages of the design and construction process. We understand that you may have many design and decorating decisions to make on your own as well, and these intelligent apps may be used to guide you through your efforts.

Photo Measures

Many of your design and decorating decisions may be based on accurate measurements of rooms, windows and more. This smart app measures dimensions quickly and easily, and it gives you precise measurements that you can use for any desired purpose. For example, you can decide whether or not to replace your living room sofa based on the dimensions in your new space.


A variation of this app is roOomy, which also takes measurements from a photo that you upload. With this photo, the app creates a detailed rendering of the room in a 3D format. You can then place to-scale images of your furniture and other items in the rooms. This works well when purchasing new furniture, creating a layout for each room and more.

Sun Seeker

Many factors must be considered when Alair Homes creates the ideal design for your new home in Lawrence Park, including the position of the sun. In some rooms, like the master bedroom, you may not want direct sunlight. However, sunlight may be preferred in your kitchen or on your patio. Sun Seeker tells you the exact position of the sun over your new custom built home, and this lets you make critical design and layout decisions.

Adobe Color Capture

If you have trouble making color selections for your custom home in Lawrence Park, put the Adobe Color Capture app to work. As you walk through the next few days, capture images of colors that you love through the app. The app processes the data that you provide to generate a personalized color scheme based on your favorite colors.


While some of our clients know exactly what they want their new home to look like, others need inspiration. The Houzz app is the ideal resource to turn to for inspiration. Flip through several million home d├ęcor and design images. Save the images that you love, and add a few notes for future reference.


If you need decorating guidance from an interior designer, connect with skilled professionals through the Havenly app. All correspondence is done through the app. A designer will review your uploaded images, style notes and budget, and you can receive tailored advice to help you make smart decorating decisions.

Building a custom home in Lawrence Park may be a dream come true. When you use these apps and rely on our expert team at Alair Homes, you can feel confident that your custom built home will live up to your expectations.