Was there a time you walked into your friend’s house and felt the positive energy of that particular living space? Probably, the house was cheery, bright and filled with items you loved. This is not surprising as our surroundings impact our moods in the same way associating with good people keeps you in good moods. Even on a low budget, there are many home improvements that you can use to make your home warm and happy.

Add Vegetation To Your Living Space

Scientific has proven that having many plants in the house improves memory retention, concentration, and mood. The sight of plants and other natural elements reduces stress. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and therefore eliminate toxins and freshen the air. Plants remove approximately 87% of harmful substances in the air within twenty-four hours such as formaldehyde present in cigarette smoke, grocery bags and vinyl and benzene present in paints and solvents.

living room with grey sofa and fresh potted plants

Being it at one with nature is good for your health and the soul. Besides relieving stress, nature will help connect the body, soul, and mind, keeping conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia at bay. In urban houses, placing the plants on a balcony or windowsill would be a good idea. You can also grow plants inside a small space by using vertical gardens plant stands or bar carts among others. Your home will look beautiful and keep you smiling each time you walk in.

Get the Right Paint

Simple home improvements make all the difference and key among them is using the right colors. You are perhaps aware that color has a dramatic effect on mood by evoking certain emotions. Warm colors enhance feelings of happiness and optimism.

Yellow boosts happiness and joy, and it is ideal for a dining room, kitchen or entrance. However, do not overdo it as research shows that too much yellow makes most people lose their temper. Orange is positive, stimulating and refreshing whereas green is the best choice as a primary color scheme thanks to its calming effect. Try green paint in the living room, family room or kitchen today; it will help you relax and create warmth that brings comfort. Blue is perfect for your bedroom walls and is even known to minimize blood pressure, slow heart rate, and respiration – no wonder blue is considered serene and calming. In a nutshell, pick colors wisely when painting your rooms as they all come with different effects. Avoid colors that are not a good match for your personality.

Light It Up

Lighting will add a tad more of personality, color, and warmth to your home and it is cheaper than other home improvements hacks. White toned light creates a sense of calm while a well-lit home makes you feel happy. Light up specific areas such as the dining room and leave some darker spaces to separate the areas. Bright light keeps you more alert and boosts energy. In the evening, dim the lights to rest comfortably.

Allow sunshine to move into your room in the morning. Sunshine triggers melatonin production that helps you wake up in a better mood and more alert. Ensure that your bed is near a large window and the curtains are opened every morning.

You probably have one large bulb hanging at the center of your ceiling, right? It is time you think of lighting in layers. Think of table lamps in different sizes and place them on shelves, mantles or any other area. In the kitchen, for instance, you can light up the cabinets.

Final Word

Home improvements go a long way in transforming any living space. Heeding to this information to enjoy all the above benefits.