Could it be that home renovation is what inspired The Clash to produce the song “Do I Stay Or Do I Go?” Probably not, but this is a question that will pop at some point if renovating your home is what you have in mind. Now that a work crew will soon be knocking at your door to make your dream space a reality, you need to choose between a phased or full home renovation. Here are factors to help you know the best option.


There are times when people own properties that they simply cannot shut down for such extended periods necessary for a full home renovation. If this sounds like you, then home renovation over time is the way to go. It will be as though nothing is ongoing considering that the work will be over after a short while. Other properties, however, may opt for a full home renovation due to the inconvenience of losing access to central parts of the home. Consider your lifestyle during the duration of this project and how you might fair with constant construction at home.

Lawrence Park Kitchen Dining Room Renovation
When renovating the homes most central areas, a full home renovation may be the better solution.


Unsurprising in this economy, a good number of families are not in a position to pay up front for projects such as home renovations. The good thing with phased renovation is that you do not need the entire amount at once now that the work happens in parts. This is definitely a big advantage for anyone on a tight budget and wishes to have their home renovated.

However, there is another side to the story. Phased renovation is a short term money saver, and if saving long term is feasible, a full renovation is your best bet. Remember that experts like plumbers and electricians are paid on contract or per day rate. You won’t get value for money if they’re done with the task in a jiffy.


Having renovation done at once ensures uniformity in terms of design. There would be a huge disconnect if you had a bathroom with a modern taste, and a toilet reminiscent of a whole decade back. If this is the last thing you want in your home, phased renovation is simply not the best approach. Having renovation done in one go lets the designer generate a constant appearance in every room giving every space more cohesiveness and a better flow.

It is along the same lines that buying matching building material becomes possible. It would be a tall order matching materials such as stones if you were to purchase years apart. You will be disappointed to have a great design in mind only to shelve it after realizing that the materials aren’t available in the market anymore.

Final Word

The fact that you have options to work with when it comes to renovating your home is an advantage in itself. Thinking through these tips will help you pinpoint the best option for you!