Add the relationship of the staircase to the front entry to your list for making the most of the space in your custom built home. Combining the two is a classic way to express your identity and lifestyle to everyone who enters your home. It might be classically formal, rustic, or mainstream. However you theme the foyer area and the stairway, it’s important to remember that this space needs to function for daily life as well. As you and the design team allocate space, decide whether you want the staircase and the entry to be combined, or if the layout of your home requires a different stairway position.

Why the Front Matters

It’s human nature for people to judge the book by its cover, and your home is no exception. Many impressions are made about it from the street. People unconsciously take in the condition and quality of the landscape, the exterior elevation and the front door. When that door opens to reveal the interior, people tend to cement their impressions. While that impression won’t affect daily living, it might make a difference when it’s time to sell your home. It will help differentiate yours from all the others that homebuyers visit before making a selection.

Things to Remember

If you do combine the front door and the staircase in your custom built home, remember that the area will need elements to make it more convenient, like:

Another significant element your architect may discuss is the line of sight from the front door through the house. This term refers to how far into the house you can see when you first enter. With few exceptions, a longer sight line gives the impression of more space, especially if there’s a window on the far wall. It’s also important to use similar fixtures and finishes for this area as you’ve specified for the rest of the house. They don’t have to be an exact match, but some consistency will help you carry a design theme throughout the home. Unless you want to use a distinct flooring material for the foyer, consider using the same flooring throughout the living areas for continuity.

Bottom Line

You may have the chance to expand the appeal of your Alair Homes custom built home by combining the staircase with the front entry to make a strong impression of your home. Add to it all the necessary functions you need close to the door, and you’ve created a livable and marketable home.