Alair identified early-on that one of the inherent challenges with builders today is they bite off more than they can chew. The second builder I worked for in my 20’s definitely had this issue. The key to running a successful home building, and renovation business one needs to be good at: marketing, sales, education, communication, project management, human resource management, client services, community relations, problem solving, supervision, bookkeeping and accounting. This is a lot to ask from only one person, dare I say impossible for one or even two or three people to manage.

Behind every Alair Partner there is a small army supporting us. Our clients enjoy our partners and get to see our amazing project manager and general carpenters that work with our carefully selected sub-trades. The clients comfortably sit at their computers and manage their projects through our exclusive client control software. Some of what they don’t see that helps Alair succeed is what goes on behind the scenes:

● Our marketing team of exceptional professionals working from Nanaimo, New York, to Bogota, Columbia building our brand and ensuring that we all represent Alair in the correct manner. One day we want people to say they used Alair and have people understand how special that is.

● We have an amazing accounting team, each Alair partner has 4 people helping him or her to make sure everything is in order and runs smoothly.

● A software team. The client control portal is just part of a huge software web that is constantly improving to help us do our jobs better and facilitate ongoing training and communication.

● A team of partners offering their varied experience to support one another. We have weekly conference calls, a monthly area meeting and an annual convention. Additionally, we are all available for one another at any time. We are encouraged to help one another.

The value of choosing Alair to do your project is incredible, you are not just getting the Alair partner you are signing with, you are getting the huge team that is focused on making your project as successful from beginning to end as we possibly can. Better living starts here.