If you are new to gardening, you have certainly discovered that there are plenty of tools to buy. From shovels to wheelbarrows, rakes to gloves, you can spend a pretty penny on those tasty backyard vegetables and fruits, but the good news is you don’t have to.

Most backyard gardeners in Langley can get by with a just a few simple tools in their basket, and this is certainly true for containers gardeners or those working with raised beds. Start with the basics like a shovel, trowel and one or two additional hand tools, and add more if you find that’s necessary. Always purchase at least mid-quality tools. The cheap ones tend to break, and the most expensive tools are probably out of budget if you are just getting started. Here is a rundown of some of the basics to give you an idea about what you might need.


This simple tool is one that many Langley gardeners call their best friend. If you are planting seeds, repotting a plant or moving seedlings to their forever home, a trowel just might come in handy.

When purchasing your first trowel, look for one with sharp sides to make it easier to cut into even rockier soil. Also pick a sturdy handle that feels good in your hand because you might just be holding on to this tool for an hour or two at a time while working in your garden. Keep in mind that you can find trowels in many different widths. More narrow varieties are great for transplanting seedlings, and broader choices work well when weeding your garden. If you can’t afford more than one, look for a width that’s somewhere in the middle, and add to your collection as budget permits.


The most troublesome weeds are sometimes difficult to effectively attack with a trowel, and that is where a weeder comes in. There are many different weeders available in Langley gardening stores, and which one you choose will depend on what type of garden you are working with and what types of weeds you need to get rid of. While this tool is quite handy, a basic shovel or trowel can tackle many of the same tasks that these can. Definitely plan on purchasing a weeder at some point, but start with other tools if funds are limited.


Consider the shovel to be an essential in any Langley garden. It’s used to dig beds and add compost or soil. While the size of the shovel needed for your garden will vary, it’s extremely difficult to start or maintain any garden without one. Shovels come with round ends, square ends and sharper points. There are handheld shovels and ones with larger handles for bigger gardens. Find a shovel that you’re comfortable with, and plan to use it a lot as you venture into the world of gardening.


If your Langley garden is larger, this tool can really save your back and reduce labor as you make your space beautiful. While you won’t use it every day, when the time comes to transport soil to your garden or add new mulch, you’ll be thankful you have it. If budget is limited, consider purchasing a good quality wheelbarrow with several neighbours. More than likely, you can easily trade off using it, and by doing this, it will only cost each of you a few bucks to have this tool at the ready when gardening time arrives.

Hand Tools

Whether you are container gardening in Langley or working in your large yard, a variety of hand tools can really come in handy for many different tasks. Digging forks for aeration, pruners for your roses or vegetable beds and garden scissors to harvest your herbs and smaller vegetables are some examples. While these aren’t tools you will need right away, adding them to your collection over time can make gardening easier and more enjoyable too.

Make gardening easier and a lot more fun with the right tools. Choose them wisely, and maintain them by removing dirt and debris after each use, cleaning them regularly and using a bit of vegetable oil to keep metal and wood conditioned. This will prevent rust and help your gardening tools to last season after season, for years to come.