Time for home renovation has finally come but you find yourself at a crossroad – do you renovate a room at a time or do you do it all at once? The answer primarily lies in how much you will be able to handle at once. Keep reading to learn what it takes to know the best option for you!


We all like a home with a consistent look from once corner to the other, right? Considering how a full home renovation gets works done in one sweep, the end result is a cohesive design throughout your home. Hardwood flooring, for example, is bound to have inconsistent color should you go for partial renovation given that sanding, stains and humidity determine how wood stains. A full renovation is your best bet for a better flow all through!

Langley Full Home Renovation

Truth is, partial renovation can also offer some degree of cohesive design. All you need do is pair similar projects – renovating all bathrooms at a go will take care of all electrical and plumbing needs at once. Consider buying any supplies you are particular about, all at once.


Phased renovation comes in handy for anyone on a tight budget. If paying the entire cost upfront proves to be difficult, it doesn’t mean that you should shelve your renovation dreams. Renovating one room at a time allows you to renovate when you’re financially prepared. It would be a sad story to pay for a full renovation only to go hungry afterwards!

Do You Leave Or Stay?

The ability to relocate to another place is yet another factor that you need consider. A full house renovation means the workers will be all over your home at any given time – you have no choice but to move out. Where do you go? Friends and family could be willing to host you, but you need to ask yourself for how long. Do you’ve the money to rent elsewhere in the meantime? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before settling for a full renovation.

Home Type

The direction your home renovation will take highly depends on your type of home. You’ll agree that condos pose unique challenges considering that neighbors might have an issue with repeated home renovations. What is more, you’ll need to get the condo’s board approval every so often if you decide to renovate a room at a time. All these can be overwhelming and the best option in such a case would be a full renovation.

Renovating your home goes a long way in improving property value, maximizing on available space, and improving the quality of life in general. Having all these factors in mind will ensure that you renovate in a manner that suits your lifestyle!