What you don’t know when renovating could be costing you!

Here is a dirty little secret that goes on behind your back in the industry:


The Common Scenario

I met with a potential flooring supplier yesterday. We started to chat about his company and what they do, most of which I was very impressed with. However, one of the things he mentioned is that they always display retail prices on the products in the showroom so if clients come in to pick product, or any time, they will see the retail price. He assured me that as a contractor, we get a discount, but the client does not see the contractor pricing. Thankfully, when I told him that the client pays what we pay at Alair, and we do not think it is ethical to profit on the retail mark up, he looked both relieved and impressed. The conversation became much more friendly after that. You may correctly infer that often the price for materials you see on your invoice generated by a contractor may be different than the actual price the contractor pays. The flooring supplier is well aware of this practice and has set up his showroom to accommodate. From his response, it seemed that he does not agree with it and was happy to find that we shared the same belief.

Honest Business Tactics

At Alair Homes Langley, we add value by making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. As an international brand, we often get some serious savings from suppliers, and all we do and ever will do is pass those savings on to the client. That adds value. We show you the invoices from the suppliers – not one generated from us with claims about what we pay – the actual invoice. We say 100% transparent and we mean it. Living better starts here.


Craig B.

Alair Langley

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