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Building a new custom home can be quite a task especially if you are doing it for the first time. You need to pull together plenty of things to deliver a successful project. Before you can proceed, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Below are preconstruction steps that are essential in various stages of your project.

Complete the Plans

Before you can pull out a shovel to dig the ground, you need to have a set of complete floor plans. With the help of an architect, you can get the designs depending on the layout of your home. Although you may need to get change orders during construction, it’s essential to start the project with complete plans. Such change orders may arise where you have to alter the initial design of the project. But, with reliable architect service and a detailed plan, you should expect minimal changes during construction.

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Financial Processes

Planning a budget for a new custom home isn’t the same case as a ready-to-move-in house. You will need suitable loans to run the project throughout the phases. Plans include securing a construction loan and mortgages for the home after completion.

When sourcing for a loan, the bank will review your credit card history and check your builder’s reputation to protect their investment in your project. This scrutiny is essential to ensure the builder is authorized to run such projects. Alair Homes Hamilton provides proficient and licensed builders to ensure quality results.

Some loans may require you to pay the interests only during construction. This can be beneficial but may not earn you equity at the end of your project. On this note, you have to mind about construction interest rates since some can impact your usual payment amount. Also, the down payment requirements for your home are equally important. You ought to understand how much of a down-payment you need to place before you start the construction.

Since these loans are not cleared as a lump sum, you need to understand the payment process. Once a phase in complete, the bank has the mandate to inspect and approve the work before sending out the finances. It is beneficial as it ensures the work is completed on time and to the standards agreed upon by the parties.

The Site

This involves selecting a suitable area for your project. You ought to consider how you want to use the land after construction. Also, are there additional features you would want to include? These could be garages, swimming pools, etc.? In short, the site selection has to take into consideration the design and style of your home.


Every construction has to meet the local and state standards set in place. While these regulations vary from one city to another, they are essential to protect the homeowner. The building department reviews the plan details including plumbing and electrical systems. It may take a few days to get approved permits, and the cost varies from one location to another.

Coming up with a satisfactory project wraps up to finalizing on plans, acquiring the right financial scheme and getting approved plans. Also, you ought to carefully select the project site keeping in mind the design of your custom home. Most importantly, you should consult the right professionals in each stage of your construction for a seamless construction process.