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Choosing the standard features for a custom built home could be one of the biggest challenges you face during the design and construction process. Rather than focusing on the specification levels, it’s better to look at structural materials rather than those associated with the finishing touches. It’s so much more difficult to change structural components once the home is built than it is to enhance trim and finish levels later on.

Energy Efficiency

Unless you never plan to sell your home, pay attention to its energy efficiency levels. Besides higher consumer demand for energy efficient homes, lenders have more advantageous financing programs for qualified homes.

Look into designing the home to meet the Energy Star program’s guidelines or the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)’s specifications. You’ll find higher standards for air infiltration, insulation levels and installation, along with more efficient windows and exterior doors. A highly efficient HVAC system like geothermal will add value.

Design Features

Even though your custom home can be highly individual and expressive, consider including some of the universal design features people want in their homes that include:

    • Ceiling plates. Instead of capping the ceiling plates at eight feet, take them up to nine or more. While it’s possible to change the ceiling height once the home is built, it’s an expensive and difficult job.
    • Lots of storage. Most everyone wants walk-in closets in the bedrooms and plenty of linen closet storage in the bathrooms or hallways. Kitchen pantries with electrical outlets rank high on must-have lists as do coat closets and storage in mud and laundry rooms.
    • A generous kitchen. The kitchen has become the hub of the house. Integrate it into the design so that it’s social as well as highly functional. Kitchen islands with eating bars and separate but adjacent nooks for eating make the kitchen the space many people want in their homes.
    • Plenty of light. People universally like natural light and fresh air indoors. When you can’t illuminate a room with lots of sunshine, add skylights. Include an operable window in the master bedroom closet for fresh air and daylight.
    • Convenient doorways. Besides the front and back doors, add one to the garage to exit into the backyard. Add another that gives direct access to a bathroom. Nothing is more convenient for outdoor living than having direct access to a restroom. Make sure it has a shower.
    • Run a gas line. You may prefer electric appliances for your custom built home, but some want gas for cooking indoors and out. If nothing else, run the gas line and stub it near the patio.
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Bottom Line

One of the big challenges a custom built home poses is specifying the features you want to include. When you take into account how the house will live well into the future and building them in, you’ve increased its convenience and comfort, along with enhancing its investment potential. Alair Homes is here to help you build the home of your dreams at a price you can afford and make the best choices when it comes to upgrades. Contact us, and let’s get started together.