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The increased accessibility and affordability of convenience technology has made smart homes even more appealing to today’s home buyers, builders, and owners. Homeowners like having instant access to many of their essential home systems from a convenient control panel or a mobile device. Forty-five percent of the renovation projects Canadian homeowners undertake include at least one “smart” upgrade.

Thirty-six percent of high-tech home market involves security systems. They provide much-appreciated peace of on mind by alerting homeowners of anything out of the ordinary, including detected break-in attempts, fires, and possible gas leaks.

Entertainment system upgrades makes up twenty-six percent of the market. Appealing features include the ability to start a movie in one room and finish watching it from the point of interruption in another room.

Climate control and lighting systems make up the remainder of the market. They improve comfort and energy efficiency with features that include adjusting temperatures on a per room basis and turning off systems when nobody is around to benefit from them.

Homeowners who take advantage of smart home trends are typically more satisfied with their choices than those who opt for traditional upgrades. If you’re ready to consider making your home more responsive to your needs, the team from Alair Homes Forest Hill Toronto is at your service.



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