Are you considering a home addition in Delta?  As the cost of building goes up, home additions are becoming increasingly popular. At Alair Delta, we used to do about one or two additions a year. Recently, we’ve done five additions in just the last 12 months. 

When to consider an addition 

The kinds of home additions we see 

We see all kinds of home additions, everything from additional bedrooms and bathrooms, to making room for home offices and gyms. Some families may want to expand an existing room, say the kitchen or living room, to enlarge the entire footprint of the house. Another popular reason for an addition to your home is to create a rental suite or an in-law suite. We also see clients wanting to create a new garage bay or needing some additional storage space. 

In the Tsawwassen area, we see a lot of side splits or back splits. One of the most common types of home additions we do is an addition on top of the single storey portion of a split level home.

The most economical and least intrusive addition is one made to the side of a house. (This only works if there is room within the zoning footprint.) We can often get much of the demolition and structural work done before we need to open up the connections into the existing home. These additions are also often easiest to work with during inclement weather. 

What to consider before you start 

Before you embark on a home addition, there are some key factors to consider. 

How does doing an addition affect the resale value of your home? 

Adding things like a rental suite, additional bedrooms and bathrooms, or just adding some square footage, will usually increase the resale value for your home.  Increasing the equity in the home can often offset the project costs. 

We suggest looking at the average prices per square foot of houses in your neighbourhood to give you a realistic sense. And be sure to speak with a local realtor to help better understand the projected increased value. 

Build your home addition with Alair Delta

At Alair, we’ve done dozens of home additions on different sizes and types of homes. We are specialists in planning the entire project up front. That means we can confirm requirements and set realistic budgets before starting demolition on your property. We also work with an experienced group of trades who are familiar with dealing with older building components.  

Additions usually make sense for growing families, when children get older or another relative moves in. With a trend towards multigenerational living, home additions in Delta can be a great way to make your home continue to serve you and your family.