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We make dreams come true by building custom homes that are crafted to perfection for far less than you might expect. Our Client Control™ approach shares every aspect of a project, keeping you informed throughout the entire build.

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Building Your Custom Home

You are an individual. When it comes to design, selections, and finishes, your lifestyle requires something special to call your own. You may or may not know exactly what you want.  But one thing that is certain in your mind is that you require absolute control over the entire process of building your new home.

Far too often homeowners report unnecessary and expensive surprises in their new home construction projects. The most common surprises include:

  • • Over budget
  • • Schedule Delays
  • • Poor quality materials
  • • Poor craftsmanship
  • • Lack of options
  • • Poor management
  • • Poor communication
  • • Too many extras
  • • No transparency

All of us that make up Alair, are also home owners. We understand what homeowners face when they begin a new custom home project. To solve these problems, you must have complete insight into your project to make correct decisions.

Our proprietary online systems and detailed processes enable you to have real time access to all aspects of your project. You, the homeowner have complete Client Control from the initial design phase to material selections and all cost options, as well as real time daily scheduling and review and approval of payments.  This level of control is required to protect yourself from the risks and mistakes that cause time and costs overruns.

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Custom Home Building FAQ's

If you have any specific questions, feel free to chat with us (down below) or give us a call!

  • What is your typical cost per square foot?

    Cost per square foot is a very poor way to gauge the cost of completing your custom home because it is only relevant if you are comparing the exact same home plan and fitted with the exact same fixtures.  Alair Homes will not quote on a per square foot basis because we understand that if you are going to achieve total satisfaction from building your own custom home, you deserve to understand the true cost of your project that matches your goals and specifications. This requires a thorough budgeting process with a knowledgeable construction professional with past experience in your type of project.  This process does not take long and is the surest way to give you the confidence you need to understand what the total cost will be before the project starts.

  • Another builder who I would prefer not to use said they would build my home for this really low price, can you match that price?

    If you are seeking the absolute lowest price Alair Homes may not be your builder however we will secure the absolute best price on all the materials and labor because we are a preferred general contractor by suppliers and our cost is YOUR cost. We will charge fairly for our expertise and fiercely protect your budget. Our clients find that when compared to other builders Alair Homes delivers a far greater value for their investment and they truly appreciate the 100% cost transparency that only Alair Homes guarantees on every project. We encourage you to investigate every detail of your builder’s contract and learn what others have experienced before choosing any contractor. Alair Homes welcomes extreme due diligence because we know how important of a decision this is for you, your family and your future.

  • How experienced are your project managers?

    Since the success of your project relies heavily on strong management, we are extremely selective and hire only the best project managers.  Our project managers receive extensive and ongoing training on a weekly and monthly basis. The success of our business is built on the strength of our project managers and we are proud of the highly skilled team we have assembled at Alair Homes.

  • Can we walk through your show room or visit a model home?

    Each of our projects is as unique and diverse as our clients, which is exciting for us and important to our clients. However, if we have a project under construction, and we have the permission of the client we would love to show you a project in action! This is a great way to assess a contractor as you get to see things from the inside out. For Alair Homes, this is also an opportunity to show what makes our approach so unique and what makes Alair such a different kind of contractor.

  • If there isn’t a model home to visit, can I speak to your past clients?

    Absolutely. Our past clients are happy to share their experience with others. Because we respect their privacy and time, they have been told we would only ask this of them for serious, qualified prospective clients of Alair Homes. Upon successfully completing your project, we would request the same from you and therefore we expect you can appreciate this protection of privacy and time.

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