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Transparency is always a fundamental part of Alair Commercial. Our Client Control™ approach provides up-to-date information on all projects, from making tenant improvements to complete project build outs.

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You are managing a business that requires growth and consistent improvement. This means new locations and remodeled existing locations. The implementation of each project is crucial for your success. From your experience you know that there are numerous flaws in the way contractors engage with you. We know these include:

  • • Minimal collaboration from a team environment
  • • Frustrated owners and managers
  • • Cost surprises
  • • Construction delays
  • • Onerous tendering procedures
  • • Different contractors in each region to deal with

Together, our repeat commercial clients and Alair have implemented a defined process using systems and practicality to eliminate these issues. One point of contact, a well-defined process, absolute collaboration of all required team members are only the beginning. This is a better way to do business and we are the only company in North America that performs all of our projects exclusively with this Client Control™ approach.

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Types of commercial services we can help you with

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  • Project Design Planning & Design
  • Consultant management
  • Product sourcing & Cost Analysis
  • Project Financing & Estimating services
  • Project Demolition
  • Cleaning and construction prep & cleanup
  • Scheduling and landlord communication and assistance
  • Project Management and Execution
  • Interior and exterior signage services
  • Post construction project warranty program
  • Post construction project maintenance program
  • Commercial Permitting

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