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The herringbone is one of the most common tile layouts found in homes, but this does not mean you have to use a traditional layout in your own home. It is okay to change things up and create your own style. You can draw inspiration for your own layout by checking out the following home design ideas from Alair Homes Collingwood.

Inset Stripes

It is okay to stick with the regular brick pattern, but you can make a statement by adding inset stripes to the design. You want to add stripes of mosaic tiles throughout the classic brick pattern.


If you have a small kitchen or bathroom, striped tiles can be used to make your space feel longer. Black stripes on a white surface are sure to make a statement. You can add the illusion of more space by running the stripes at the longest part of the room.


Oversized tiles are ideal for creating a pattern that looks like one surface. Start by laying the tiles as closely together as possible. Homeowners should use a thin grout in the same color to eliminate the lines.


You can also use bands to make a small kitchen or bathroom feel wider instead of longer. The short and wide lines create the illusion of extra width, which is great for eliminating the feeling of being in a tunnel.


Your kitchen and bathroom may contain a lot of straight lines, from the island to the vanity. Using hexagon tiles with a pop of color is a great way to add a swirling design to a room of right angles.

Hexagonal Circles

When you choose the right tiles, you can create a pattern of hexagonal circles in your space. This is another way to give yourself a break from squares and right angles.

Fish Scales

The small tiles feature semicircles that seem to be overlapping to create a fish scale pattern. It adds an anti-slip surface without taking away from the luxurious vibe you are creating in your bathroom.


A bordered design is a great way to add a dramatic point to your foyer or hallway. The unique design is surrounded by a border of plain tiles.

Penny Florets

You may not use spaces such as the laundry room often, but you can add a focal point to this space with penny floret tile. Start with small round penny tiles in two colors, such as white as the main color and black as the accent color. The accent color is used to create the floret pattern that brings this room to life.


The hopscotch pattern is made with square tiles of two sizes and colors. Start by laying the larger tile offset to one another, and use the smaller tiles to add the accent color to the pattern.

The first step to your home design project is to find a contractor in your neighborhood, which is easy with Alair Homes Collingwood. We specialize in tasks such as laying down tile, painting the walls and building your home from scratch.