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You’ve taken the time to discover your vision for your dream home in The Blue Mountains, using the tips and tricks for that BIG IDEA from the first part of this series: Discovering Your Custom Home Vision. The next step is to define that vision – here are the 5 top things to consider.

People & Pets

  • Who will be living with you in your home? Consider the children, grand-parents,and pets
  • Are your children going to college in the near future? Are the In-laws moving in? Is retirement nearing? Do you require a home office? Consider any major changes that may occur in the near future
  • Consider children and/or pets and any potential related wear and tear

Lifestyle & Special Requirements

  • Do you have specific requirements for personal collections or art pieces that may require custom display and/or lighting? Do you require a gym in your home? Consider your interests and hobbies
  • How many hours per week do you currently spend cleaning your home? Perhaps you prefer low maintenance finishes
  • Do you have special requirements for existing or new furniture pieces? I.e., perhaps you would like to design your home around the dining room table
Photo by Alair Homes CollingwoodBrowse kitchen ideas

Specific Rooms

  • The Living & Dining Room – Do you like to entertain? Do you want the living and dining room to be more or less formal? Don’t forget to consider the seating & serving requirements based on the average and/or maximum number of guests
  • The Kitchen – Would you like a table and an island? Perhaps a breakfast nook? Do you grow your own spices? How tall is the primary cook? Will you require wine storage? Consider your cooking style and furniture requirements, it will help determine the amount of space you need and how it will flow
  • The Home Office & Family Room – Think of entertainment needs (including TV and audio/visual equipment), as well as home office computer and lighting requirements. Are there additional shelving/storage requirements?
  • The Bedrooms – Will the bedroom be used strictly for sleeping or will it also be used for additional activities such as, personal hobbies, TV, reading, computer work? Are you early risers or late sleepers requiring blackout window coverings? Do you require his and hers walk-in-closets? Consider the direction your bedroom is facing as well as the time you see yourself spending in it
  • Laundry – Do you have a preference whether your laundry units are stacked or not? Do you require a utility sink? Do you need folding and hanging space? Would you like your laundry room to be near your mudroom?
  • Electrical, Communications and Media

  • Lighting – What type of lighting do you require? Do you prefer dimmers for versatility? Do you require task lighting? What level of natural light is available and will you need sun control or privacy? Do you travel often and require a smart home?
  • Television, Computer, Telephone – Are there sufficient outlets? Do you require additional features such as surround sound and wireless? Consider additional and ideal locations for outlets and switches
  • Storage

  • Interior – Are you more drawn to multi-purpose furniture, concealed storage or closet organizational storage? Do you require storage space for seasonal or large infrequently used items?
  • Exterior – Do you need a large garage and/or shed for your equipment, tools and toys?
  • It is so important to take the time to consider how you function in your current home, and how the rooms are utilized. What are the pro’s and con’s – what would you change to improve day-to-day tasks? Suggestion: Take the time to write a daily journal for a week, it doesn’t have to be long, just point form!