Alair Homes Collingwood

The Christmas décor is packed up, the company has left, your home is getting back to normal and kids have gone back to school. It’s time to get back on schedule and start a New Year. That being said, people tend to look at their new calendar to determine the schedule for the upcoming year.

It never fails; the phone starts to ring about the second week of January at our Collingwood Alair office. Perhaps they had their family up to Blue Mountain skiing for the holidays and decided to take a look around the Collingwood area. We like this, because it means people are planning and taking lots of time to do so. There are many moving parts to planning a custom home. From designing the interior to the exterior and the flow of the layout of your home, there is many decisions involved.

Some clients come to us with plans already in place or perhaps they have already consulted with a designer, no matter if they haven’t we have a team at our office to walk you through the entire process. Bring your thoughts dreams and ideas and we will get you started on a schedule that will have you living better in this great Collingwood /Blue Mountain destination.

Depending on the weather we still are able to build in the winter months but as demands line up for the late spring it also has an effect on the timing.

Come Visit Us

We welcome you to come visit our offices in Collingwood. Sit and enjoy a coffee in our Heritage Home Office on Hume Street in Collingwood and we can show you our design centre and all the possibilities that await your dreams. Collingwood is in fact a destination and we have seen in the past four years just how busy it has become.