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More homeowners are taking advantage of the space that is available in the attic, which can be used for more than just storing old furniture or holiday decorations. Attics can easily be converted into a room that serves different purposes, which includes an extra bedroom or a home office. To get more square footage out of the property, there are several storage ideas to utilize for converted attics.

Use Underbed Storage

Utilize the space under a bed in the attic to take advantage of extra storage space that is available where you can store blankets, old photographs, and clothes. Add extra height to the bed to ensure that you can have more room for items that need to be hidden away. You can also raise the bed to fit a desk underneath or even add a small closet that features a rod, which will increase the functionality of the small setting.

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Use Baskets

Baskets are extremely effective in converted attics where storage space may be limited. You can use the baskets to hold DVDs, books, and other types of personal belongings that are used frequently. The baskets not only work as storage space that can be utilized, but they will also increase the aesthetics of the home and will allow the attic to be decorated.

Create a Work Area

Those who live in residential properties like Alair Homes Collingwood can convert their attic into an area where they can work and have a quiet hideaway from the rest of the house. You’ll need to create an organized room where paperwork is kept under control and you can avoid distractions. Opt for using white furniture and painting the walls the same color to create a calm environment that will increase your productivity during the day.

Add a Pullout Bed

Add an area of the attic where a bed can be pulled out of the wall, but is hidden away when it’s not in use. This can free up extra space in the room when you want to utilize the space for other purposes. Add knobs on the pullout bed that match other drawers in the room to make the decor flow well. You can also make use of free-standing cubes, which offer more flexibility in the space and can also be used as a nightstand where you can place a lamp or books.

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Use Plenty of Mirrors

Mirrors can go a long way in converted attics and can allow the space to appear more spacious. You can even create a walk-in closet by adding mirrors on drawers and cabinet doors that are installed. This can allow the storage area to blend in and appear less cluttered with mirrors that are installed on the surface. This can also make it easy for natural sunlight to bounce off of the walls, which will reduce your energy usage on the property.

Line the Walls and Cabinets

Allow more light into your converted attic by installing cabinets that sit low on the ground and don’t take up too much space, which can cause the room to become dim. This will allow you to install more skylights and windows to ensure that the space is uplifting and blends in well with the rest of the home.