Alair Homes Collingwood

On May 1st, we started training our third Project Manager and opened our first office in Collingwood. We have been working from our home offices and simply outgrew the space. Our new offices will now be able to offer space for 5 employees, with a boardroom, showcase room with samples and a lunchroom. All of this in a beautiful Heritage Home, located at 64 Hume Street in Collingwood. This will provide a professional environment for all of our staff, as well as a client meeting place.

The very large room that houses all three Project Managers we call the “Bull Pen”. It is great to see all three working together, sharing their different expertise and growing as a team.

There is a beautiful yard totally outlined with old English Style Gardens and I can’t wait to get the clean up started outside as well. This will provide a great spot, once the picnic table is delivered, for staff to enjoy their summer lunch time.

Currently at noon on Fridays we hold staff meetings, so far the homemade “butter tarts” are a huge hit.

With several projects on the go including custom homes and a list of prospects for design, this is sure to be our busiest summer yet.

The team has also joined the Chamber of Commerce this month, to help get the Alair name out in the Collingwood community. I look forward to all the benefits of this membership and you just might hear about the Alair Homes Collingwood team on the radio!

I couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come in past three years; it’s certainly been a journey.I must also say for Alair Homes in general, the growth in this company and recognition of the brand is so rewarding.