Alair Homes Collingwood

When you start a new business, you start to search out and work with reputable market partners. The goal is to put your story out there. For us in Collingwood it started with our home realtor who found us our current home. She has become a “go to” partner for many things. In turn she has acquired us as a sponsor on a yearly basis for Home Horizon. This is a group, which helps women and children with shelter and necessities. We are very proud to give back to the community and be recognized as a sponsor for their annual event.

We have found especially in Collingwood, that realtors have been our greatest market partners. People come to town, as it is truly a four-season destination. They visit Collingwood and search out realtors for property and housing. If we have made relationships with these partners, it’s our hope they will have Alair Homes Collingwood at the top of their referral list.

Theatre Collingwood is another avenue of opportunity. We want to be recognized as a local company that gives back to the community. We have helped out by pulling the Theatre’s Christmas Parade float in the past couple of years. They are a very enthusiastic group of people that we know will promote our Brand, when given the chance.

Over the past years we have established these relationships, which have given our market partners a sense of our character and work ethics.

We can now be recognized from magazine articles and featured stories on custom homes and renovations. This is truly building our brand and bringing attention to potential future Alair clients during a busy market.