Alair Homes Collingwood

Imagine a complete demolition of the inside of your home. Now imagine living within this environment. Hammers, crowbars, power tools, doors opening and closing, strangers coming into your home, dust. Your lives turned upside down.

Not my idea of being the king of ones domain

There’s something odd about having to live through this much discomfort in order to improve your lifestyle. So why would you put yourself through it? Don’t have a choice? Can’t find short-term accommodations outside of the home?

I understand. It’s not ideal, but the end result will outweigh the pain you are about to experience. And done properly, you and your contractor will become great friends.

The first thing you need is a clear understanding of the work that is about to take place. Make sure you ask the questions that are going to affect how your day to day schedule is going to change.

  • How noisy will it be?
  • How much dust should we anticipate?
  • When can we have our lives back?
  • How will our budget be impacted by having us live here while work continues?

Alair Homes Collingwood has just completed such a renovation. A complete and utter demolition of 2800 square feet while the home owners remained as occupants. Our client’s vision, our unique process and high level of competence. Trade Partners that are invested in the quality of product.

We believe that the schedule was approximately 1/3 longer because of the occupancy, which added significant labour costs. Maintaining shower facilities, understanding and committing to privacy, scheduling activities around their normal activities, were all factors that we dealt with on a daily basis.

However, having the clients on site gave us direct access to their decision-making capabilities and ensured that each task was done exactly as they envisioned.

Want to find out more? See the pictures at www.alairhomes/collingwood and ask how we can do the same for you.