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Replacing or revamping garage doors is not a DIY project. In order to create a professional look, this is a project for experts. Professional installers craft results that improve the look of the garage and add curb appeal.

Too Busy to Replace or Revamp Your Garage Doors?

Ideally, garage doors are installed at time of new construction. Over time, garage doors become weather worn and look “dated.”

The professionals at Alair Homes Collingwood are never too busy to replace existing garage doors with today’s most popular styles. The best reason to choose Alair Homes to replace or revamp your garage doors is their years of experience in construction and remodeling that is highly recognized throughout Canada. With the significance of property values, Alair Homes provides garage doors that maintain the attractive appearance a valuable property should have.

Alair Homes – A Leader in Garage Door Renovations

Just as experience is a major factor in choosing Alair Homes for your garage door project, the benefit to customers of Alair’s expertise is having a knowledgeable consultant to assist with choosing the style and materials of manufacture. For example, in British Columbia, steel or wood garage doors may be a good choice, depending on personal preference. In the colder climate of Lac la Biche, Alberta, the best choice might be steel to protect from subzero temperatures and strong winds. There are also aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl and tempered glass garage doors available.

These variables show how important your garage door expert’s advice can be. Garage experts know the demographics of the region and help customers make the right decisions.

Custom Homes
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Which Garage Doors are Best?

The style of the garage door depends on the style of the garage. Garages may be attached or detached. Attached garages generally follow the style of the main structure. The garage door should as well.

For detached garages, there are many options from which to choose such as barn style sliding doors that offer a unique design for garages. Sectional garage doors are the most common. These are the type that rolls up and down. There are also garage doors that swing outward.

The cost of replacing or revamping your garage doors depends on the style and size you choose. For example, two and three car garages will require larger doors than single car garages. To know which garage door is best and to revamp the appearance of the garage, rely on the professional staff of Alair Homes.

Not Your Average Garage Doors

If you have always wanted a stunning garage door, Alair Homes also provides a full compliment of garage door accents in rustic, provincial or modern detailing.

You may want custom design doors for your garage. Designers can provide these based on your ideas. For example, if your home style is rustic, choose the barn door style as an accent. To follow through on a classic provincial style home, choose garage doors with cross paned glass inserts. When you consider replacing garage doors, revamp them with a great new design.

Important Features of Garage Doors

When it is time to replace garage doors, there are several important things to consider such as durability, design and convenience. Discuss all your garage doors needs and design ideas with Alair Homes today.