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The issues are generally the same. A lack of understanding on someone’s behalf and someone else taking unfair advantage. Trades and Craftsmen that try to inflate the price of their labour with out stepping up the quality of their work. It can be best described as the tail wagging the dog, and it’s not pleasant when it happens. The real costs are financial and the suffering of the project. So, how do you control the problem? Take control. Do your homework. Make sure you get more than one estimate for each task, even if you feel comfortable with the trade. Don’t be afraid of insulting them, its part of being in the business of providing services.

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I make it a part of my salesmanship to make sure every client is better educated after our first meeting, even if it means that they will be seeking other pricing. We don’t fear the competition, we fear the uneducated. Eventually our clients will ask the questions that most contractors try to avoid, and it’s almost always about money. I personally find it easier to answer these types of concerns up front. If Alair Homes can help by providing you with the tools to succeed in your project, it can only prove to help me in providing the best quality possible. So my advice? Do your homework before making your first call, write everything down, become educated and ask the right questions. Go with your instinct, make sure your comfortable talking to your contractor.

This is just the beginning of your journey. Look into the future and see if they are part of the solution. And if that person isn’t in your vision, keep looking. Ask for references, and call those references. Quality comes from within.