Alair Homes Collingwood

If you were to visit Collingwood Ontario Community information page, you will find plenty of information about the town including a page titled “Why Collingwood” – Live a Better Life in Collingwood. Well, I would say this matches our Alair Homes motto – “Living Better Starts Here”.

The Harbour

Collingwood is a harbourfront town, which is situated at the southern point of Georgian Bay. The famous Shipyards waterfront has been undergoing re-development as part of Collingwood Harbour’s revitalization plan. This area will have new residential, low-rise condos, townhome and detached homes. There will also be plans to develop waterfront dining, shops, and an expanded Marina.

Diverse Community

For Alair Homes Collingwood, we couldn’t be happier to have chosen this very diverse four-season community to do our business in Custom Home Building. Since 2006, Collingwood has had a 20% population growth, which is two times the provincial average. Collingwood is ranked as one of the top 10 Canadian cities for entrepreneurialism and small business expansion, which makes us proud to have planted our business here.

Tourist Destination

It has certainly become a major tourist destination for the GTA, not only for retirees but vacation homeowners as well. Collingwood is a welcoming community with impressive residential growth and quality of life, and you will receive a small town feel with big city amenities at your disposal.

Recreational opportunities all year round…..stay tuned for upcoming events.