Alair Homes Collingwood

The Community Based Strategic Plan is a document that guides our council in the development priorities of our community by outlining the aims and visions of our community. Faith in the council’s ability to gear our community towards betterment has been waning due to the challenges faced by the board in the management of financial obligation plus communicating with the residents. The council will implement the community-based plan in the long term and short term phases and also periodically review to ensure the program adapts to the evolving priorities and needs of the community. The community-based strategic plan is the first step by the council towards the identification of the community’s major problems and decisive action aimed at solving these problems.


Vision identifies the end goal of our society, a goal that we defined through the extensive contributions and discussions by our community members during the process of creating our community-based strategic plan. Among our greater strengths as a community, is our ability to offer varied services that have endeared us to both the residents and outsiders alike. The vision of our community is to ensure accessibility to all community members through ensuring our members have access to all information, services and facilities, participate and engage in community-based discussions and activities, and provide the council with their opinions and feedback on all community matters. Our vision also includes a reflection of our community’s overall desires, belief and culture in the resulting infrastructural, financial and environmental developments.

Way forward

The community-based strategic plan outlines four visions defined by our community. The goals developed by the community through the involvement of the community members in deliberations and identification by the community of an action geared process that would ensure the realization of the vision. These concepts include:

  • Creating an environment that will provide our community’s healthier lifestyle and overall better quality of life.
  • Ensuring we uphold and promote our community’s culture through arts.
  • Creating an accountable and transparent oriented local government.
  • Ensuring we sufficiently support economic growth in our community.

Translating our vision into action

Our community-based strategic plan is a framework to ensure we achieve our aspirations and ideas for the future of our community. It does not entail every need and vision for every member of the community, but it is a rather dynamic and blanket document open to adjustments and amendments where the community deems necessary. The annual report card allows for the update of the community-based strategic plan with regards to necessary modifications and additions. The success of our community-based strategic plan mainly depends on the commitment of the Council, individual members of the community and community groups in the implementation of the action items with every party will determine how to prioritize their involvement. Information on how and when specific actions are to be undertaken by the Council as provided by the detailed work plans developed by our teams in charge of the implementation of the community-based strategic plan.

Report card

The community-based strategic plan report card, as expressed by the community, will serve as a monitoring tool for guiding the implementation of action items according to the community-based strategic plan. The report card indicates responsible parties for specific responsibilities, the phases of the implementation process, the period of implementation, and overall performance of the community-based strategic plan.