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A bathroom renovation is a great way to get an updated bathroom that is stylish and more functional at the same time. When updating a bath, it’s crucial to have the right materials. All materials for the bathroom should be chosen carefully. Bathrooms get lots of water so it’s important to make that any materials used can stand up to lots of humidity and moisture. This is one of many reasons why tile make an ideal choice of material for a bathroom. Tile is durable and will not absorb water. Many modern tiles also help add lots of color and style to the room.

1. Warm Brown

Warm brown tiles are highly popular right now. Brown is an earthy color that helps bring the outside inside. Look for large brown tiles to help make the room an extension of the outdoors. Lighter shades of brown like cream are more popular than darker versions.

2. Wood Plank Tiles

Using real wood is generally not a good idea in the bathroom. Excessive moisture can literally rot the wood. However, many people still want the look of wood in their bathrooms. Using porcelain tiles that look like wood is a good compromise that helps provide contrast in the bathroom. The grain looks attractive and helps bring a natural feel to any bathroom.

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3. Detailed Patterns

Tiles come in many colors and sizes. Take advantage of this fact during a bathroom renovation to add pattern to the room. Even a small bathroom benefits from the use of intricate patterns heavy on color and detail to help it feel like a true retreat. A set of tiles in many colors works particularly well when used against white walls.

4. Small Squares

Standard rectangular tiles can look boring and uninspired. At Alair Homes Collingwood, we like tiles with a bit of a twist. Squares in a repeated pattern of a single color look sleekly modern. Think about using them on the entire walls of the room to help create a unified space.

5. Geometry is In

Geometric patterns are in style right now. Harking back to the bolder patterns of the nineteen-seventies, geometric tiles can help transform any bathroom. Think about looks that have severe lines like zig-zag patterns. Make a statement in your bathroom with the use of patterns that help bring art into the space. These are best used in larger bathroom where the entire extent of the pattern can be easily seen.

6. Limestone Looks Lovely

Limestone has long been used in bathrooms to help provide a sense of luxury. This is as true ever today. If you want to use limestone in your own bathroom, it’s easier than ever to find options to suit your plans. Keep in mind the limestone should be sealed to make sure that it remains in good shape. Otherwise, the stone can get wet and may have structural issues.

7. Honeycomb Tiles

Long popular in the Nordic states, today many people in other parts of the world also love using honeycomb patterns in their own bathrooms. Honeycomb tiles are available in many kinds of styles and colors. A large grouping of honeycomb tiles can look stylish and help the bathroom feel both polished and entirely modern at the same time.


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