Alair Homes Collingwood

The last thing you want when renovating your condominium is a problem with your project. It is important to keep the following steps from Alair Homes Collingwood in mind when renovating your condo.

Learn The Rules

You need to learn the rules of your condominium board before you even start planning your renovation. It is also best to add at least two months to your timeline to ensure the work is done properly.

Determine The Reason

The next step is to determine whether you are renovating for personal reasons or to add resale value.

If the renovation is for you, your project should be based on the length of your stay. You may want to focus on portable upgrades if you are staying for less than five years.

If you are renovating for resale, you want to focus on the areas that matter to a buyer. This includes the flooring, kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures.

 Know Your Limits

It is important to learn the limitations of your project before you get excited over an idea. Your condominium may include structures that cannot be altered, such as columns or angled walls.

Trick The Eye

You cannot move structures such as bathroom fixtures without going over your budget. However, there are ways to trick the eye into focusing on attractive elements. Start with a simple shower curtain or glass shower panel. Use white bathroom fixtures that stand out against off-white or pale white tiles. Create a focal point by installing a bold vanity with a beautiful finish.

Lower The Lighting

The cement ceilings make it difficult to upgrade the lighting in your condominium, but it is possible to make these changes when you install dropped ceiling panels.

Build Up

It is always better to build up rather than tear down during your renovation. One example is adding detailed moldings to your condominium. Tearing down and replacing a metal frame is not an easy project, but you can add a molding designed to layer over the current frame.

Prioritize Your Details

You can save a lot of time and space by prioritizing your details. You may want a large refrigerator in your kitchen, but a smaller refrigerator gives you more space for cooking, seating or storage.

Add A Splash Of Color

You may feel anxious about adding a unique or trendy shade to your space, but there is nothing wrong with adding a splash of color to your condominium. You only need to spend a small amount of your budget to remove and update it during the renovation.

Hire A Third Party

It is easier to work around the rules when you hire a third party for your project. A designer or tradesperson can handle contractor duties and plan the delivery of items.

Make Other Living Arrangements

Renovating your condo is easier for you and your contractor when you make other living arrangements. You do not have to worry about the clutter of materials or inconvenience of cut-off rooms, and your contractor has enough space to complete the project.