Alair Homes Camrose

Have you ever experienced a water leak in your home? A basement flood? A house fire? When unfortunate things happen to your home, it can be daunting to think about the long process of getting it back to where it was (or even starting over). When insurance companies give you the go ahead to start finding contractors to submit quotes to repair your home, you want a contractor you can trust to do the job right and on a quick timeline. In most cases, you will still be living in your home during these renovations and you want to make the job is done efficiently but also making sure that whatever caused the problem won’t happen again. We at Alair Homes Camrose, have experience with working with insurance companies and we will make sure the process is as smooth as possible. With our transparent process, the insurance companies appreciate that they can see exactly where each of their dollars is going.

What most people don’t know is that who does the renovations on your home is up to you. The insurance companies typically likes to see at least two or three quotes for the job to ensure that the contractor you choose has a fair budget. You want to make sure you pick a contractor who you connect with and who understands any concerns you may have. Like with any renovation, your contractor can make the experience a positive one or they can make it awful. The last thing you want after dealing with the frustrations of a disaster in your home, is to have a terrible contractor.

It can be stressful going through an event like a flood, water leak or even a fire but the road to recovery doesn’t have to be challenging. We want to work with you and represent your best interest when it comes to restoring your home. Next time you have damage done to your home, give Alair Homes Camrose a call.