Now that you likely come across turfgrass on a daily basis, you would be forgiven for overlooking all the benefits it has to offer. Research continues to reveal how this essential commodity comes with safety, health, economic, and environmental advantages. Here are reasons why turfgrass is a must-have in your custom built home.

Increased Home Value

It’s true! A healthy, green lawn will boost your home’s value by boosting its curb appeal. Just like updated fixtures or a new coat of paint, turfgrass has has transformative powers. This could be all you need to tilt the odds in your favor should you decide to sell the property. Buyer are likely to fall in love at first glance!

Major home renovations like bathrooms and kitchens offer 75 to 100 percent ROI (Return On Investment). Lawns, however, propel ROI as high as 200% thanks to the high value and low maintenance cost. A Lawn Care Institute research concluded that turfgrass alone helps boost house value by as much as 15% – sweet news to the ears of any custom built home owner, isn’t it?

Erosion Control

As you have probably guessed, grass helps in mitigating soil erosion caused by wind and water. Turfgrass grows into a thick shoot and root system that forms a wall to help prevent erosion. With new home construction, soil erosion can be avoided by laying sod next to the curb. This will serve as a buffering zone. The buffer zone is able to filter water runoff prior to it entering the storm and city water drains that eventually end in neighboring surface waters and streams.

In order to enhance root stability, it’s always good to mow regularly as this helps increase root mass and shoot density. Healthy grass has what it takes to hold soil in place as well as slow down water flow – research actually shows that under normal rainfall conditions, there is negligible loss of sediments from grass.

Water Filtration

Contaminants tightly bind to the thatch layer and roots of grass systems. The teamwork between the thatch layer and microorganisms helps to keep ground and surface water clean. Turfgrass situated in close proximity to waterways, streams, and farm fields filters soil and eradicates chemicals that would otherwise end up in ground or surface water. It is on the same note that grass serves as an efficient filter that helps wipe out grease, oil plus other industrial and household wastes from water.

Natural Air Conditioning

When compared to their rural counterparts, urban areas with lesser landscape plantation and grass are up to 15 percent warmer. Areas with landscape plants are cooler thanks to water evaporating through the stomata (small openings present on grass blades). It is this evaporation that makes the surrounding cooler explaining why lawns are 14 percent less hot than bare ground, and 30 percent cooler than asphalt.

Noise Control

Noise is a big nuisance that robs many people of their coveted sleep, right? If this sounds like you, having a lawn in your custom built home could be all you need. You see, unlike hard surfaces, turf by the roadside is known to bring down noise levels by 40 percent.

Wrapping Up

exterior of back patio of custom home with turfgrass lawn

With all these benefits, you will agree that turfgrass is worth considering. Try it out as it will likely improve the quality of life.