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You may be under the impression that a custom home makeover only takes a few days, but the project can last anywhere from three to six months. You may feel discouraged when you look at a lengthy timeline, but you need enough time to ensure the project is done right. Use the following guide to create a realistic design and construction timeline for your project.

Do Your Research

You should always do your research before diving right into your project. Websites such as Pinterest and Houzz are full of inspirations for your design. You can start by saving pictures of rooms and spaces that inspire your design, but you should also look for common elements and details that catch your eye. Start researching early to avoid last minute decisions that you may regret later.

Obtain A Permit

It is important to research and obtain the correct building permits before you start on your project. You more than likely need a permit for big projects such as building an additional room. It is easier to plan your project when you know your limitations.

Create Your Timeline

The construction period is not the only aspect of your project that makes up your timeline. Your timeline should also include when you order and receive your materials.

Design Phase Timeline

The design phase can last two months for a single room and four to six months for several rooms.

One week to one month: Call your city department to learn about building codes, requirements and permits. You also need to consult with experts and have your space measured.

One to three months: Start collecting images that inspire your design, and work with a professional to come up with a design that fits your goals.

Two weeks to three months: Start shopping for your materials, furniture and other products, and be sure to compare your options to see what fits your design and budget.

Construction Phase Timeline

It can take four to six weeks to receive materials within the country and several months to receive orders from overseas. This is why it is best to create a realistic construction timeline for your project.

One to six months: The processing, shipment and delivery of your products.

One to six months: The actual construction of your room or home.

You can avoid stress by planning the delivery and construction as two separate steps.

Buffer Timeline

You never know when there will be a delay in your project, so you should add buffer time to the start and end of your timeline. If the project must be done by a certain event, your goal should be to have it done two months before the original date.

The total timeline is going to vary per project, but you should have a planned timeline of at least six months.

Set A Realistic Budget

There is nothing more frustrating than having to restart or abandon your project because of the cost. A budget keeps you in control of how much you are spending on the project. Start by setting up an early consultation with a professional, and work together to set up a realistic budget.

When To Start

There are many things to consider when choosing a start date for your project, and this includes holidays, sick days, weather, vacations and other projects. It is best to start your project during an off-season to avoid too many delays in your timeline. You should also start your project several months to a year in advance to ensure it is done right.

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The best way to avoid stress during your custom home project is to create a realistic timeline.