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Today’s kitchens are becoming more innovative and unique, especially with the integration of technology. There are many creative things you can do to upgrade and improve your kitchen. Here are 11 great ideas from the team at Alair Homes Camrose.

1. LED Under-cabinet Strip Lighting

With the advent of LED lamps, under-cabinet lighting has become almost invisible with the use of thin strips for task lighting. LED lamps provide a great color spectrum that helps food and surfaces to look more natural. Place the lighting near the front lip of the cabinet so it lights up the entire counter without being visible. Place the lighting on dimmers for ambiance and night lighting.

2. Hidden Outlets and Charging Stations

Place outlet strips beneath the counter edge on islands. Use pop-up outlets in countertops that disappear when not in use. Place a Smartphone charging station inside a drawer.

3. Concealed Range Hood

Not too many appliance companies make these, but concealed range hoods fit up inside an upper cabinet. These range hoods perfectly blend in with the rest of your upper cabinets. There is a 1” section with glass that pulls out over the range or cooktop. When you pull this “window” out the light and exhaust fan turn on.

4. Counter Depth Appliances

Full depth appliances seem to be going the way of the Dodo. Appliances that sit flush with the counter edge take up much less room and provide clean lines. Refrigerators are less deep. This means that things won’t get lost and forgotten in the back.

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5. Smart Appliances

Everyone loves technology. The latest smart appliances are amazing. Interactive refrigerators have screens for making lists, posting notes, and watching TV. Some refrigerators have cameras that you can access with an app while at the grocery store to see what you may need.

6. Scrap Chute

You can have a hole cut into your prep countertop for food scraps and garbage. Place it right over your composter or concealed garbage receptacle. These can be stainless steel chutes with lids.

7. Taller Cabinets Instead of a Soffit

Consider increasing your storage space by extending cabinets to the ceiling instead of hanging them from a soffit. You should be able to access items stored up there with a step ladder or a library style rolling ladder. This is great for storing things that are only used for special occasions.

8. Pull-out Cabinets and Shelves

Cabinets that pull or roll out are so practical because you can access what you are looking for from both sides. These can be either tall pantry cabinets or smaller spice racks. Shelves, or drawers, that pull out in base cabinets make it so much easier to get to whatever is sitting way in the back of that 2 foot deep space.

9. Flatware and Cutlery Organizers

Custom drawer organizers for your flatware, serving utensils, and cutlery can make for a very efficient and safer kitchen environment. You can do double layers so that sharp knives sit below the flatware and out of sight from young children.

10. Backsplash Mounted Wall Faucets

How many wine glasses have you accidentally knocked into your faucet and broken? The newer wall mounted faucets that fold back against the backsplash when loading up the sink with dirty dishes are essential for those of us who are occasionally clumsy. They also look nice when the kitchen is tidy and the sink is not in use.

11. Integral Sinks and Drainage

There are some exciting materials on the market that allow for the sink to be one with the counter. They also allow for a grooved and sloped natural drainage area adjacent to the sink. Concrete is one material that comes to mind. Stainless steel works very well for this concept. And, lava stone is also a material that can be carved to incorporate drainage.