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Do you know what to expect during the construction of your custom home? You might realize the process is a bit lengthy. You might know it’ll take some time, things won’t go according to plan every step of the way, and your excitement will turn into impatience at some point. However, did you know you will go through weeks or even months of work prior to breaking ground on the construction of your custom home? The building process happens next to last. It’s the pre-construction process you might not be overly familiar with.

Finding A Location

It’s impossible to build a custom home without finding the perfect piece of property. You have options when it comes to finding land, and it’s entirely up to you what you want to do. Once you purchase a piece of property, just bring the paperwork to the builder. If necessary, you can ask the builder to find a piece of property for you, and you always have the option to use one of the builder’s properties by purchasing it from them.

Creating Plans

You must create floor plans prior to building, and you can’t start the process until they’re done. This depends a lot on you. If you can’t make decisions, the process takes a lot longer. The faster you work with your architect to come up with plans you love the faster your home is done. If you keep changing your mind, the entire project will be stalled until you make final decisions.

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Final Financing Approval

Your pre-approval is just a starting point for figuring out your budget. Once your house plans are done, your lender has to approve the plans and the financing. The lender needs to know the house you’re building is worth the money they’re lending you to build. They need to make sure your financial situation didn’t change since you were pre-approved. It’s a lengthy process.

Pulling Permits

Once everything is finalized, the loan is approved, and it’s time to build, your builder has to have all the appropriate permits. Depending on where you live, what’s going on in your community, and how backed up the permit office is, this could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It’s the final process in the pre-building game. Once you have permits in your hand, your builder can work on your land. It’s cleared, the foundation is poured, and your house officially begins. Sometimes permits are delayed if there was a recent natural disaster in your area, and you just never know how long this part of the process will take.

Building is time-consuming. However, much of the process occurs long before you ever see any progress. Some people mistake the clearing of their property as the beginning of the construction process, but it’s simply not the case. Months of work, planning, and effort go into the beginning of your new build before it’s evident you’re building a new home. Be patient, work with your builder, and know this process is a long one that’s worth the wait in the end.