Your bedroom may not be the first place that you show off to your guests, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t decorate it with beautiful furnishings. You can treat yourself to a room that has plenty of luxe details and regal pieces when you want to increase its appeal. When you want to make your bedroom look more luxurious, you can consider implementing a few ideas from Alair Homes Brandon.

1. Invest in a Unique Headboard

The headboard should stand out amongst the other decor items and look high-end due to its design. Choose a headboard that incorporates a pop of color to the room or draws the eyes towards the bed with its height. The style and color shade should still complement the surrounding decor while still standing out due to its high level of design.

2. Choose Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors will make the room appear more spacious and can also include beautiful elements into the setting. Use mirrors with decorative gold frames or brass embellishments to make the piece stand out. You can also choose a mirror that has an interesting shape, whether it is oval or has a scalloped detail. Mirrors can be mounted above each nightstand next to the headboard. These mirrors will add more drama and can complete the look of the bed.

3. Add a Fur Blanket

Add a fur blanket to the end of your bed to make it look like something you’d find in a hotel or at a resort. A fur blanket will make the bedroom design appear to be upscale with a piece that is chic and versatile with how it’s used. You can also add a fur throw on a bench or chair that is used in the setting.

4. Create a Seating Area

Make the room appear cozier with a seating area that fills in a bare corner of the space. Add a luxurious chaise where you can kick your feet up and feel like royalty while reading a book or watching television.

5. Install a Chandelier

A decorative chandelier will make the room feel lavish and can create a brighter interior setting that feels more formal.

6. Add Nightstands with Bling

Make your furniture items work as statement pieces by choosing pieces with plenty of bling. Mirrored nightstands will look chic and exquisite with metallic accents that are used on the furniture. You can also decorate an old dresser with crystal or jeweled knobs that are incredibly glamorous.

Remove clutter on top of the dresser or nightstands and stick to a few simple decor items to place on top. A candle, a lamp, and a book can be used without causing it to take away from the design of the table.

7. Use More Than a Few Pillows

The secret to creating a luxurious bed is to add plenty of pillows that will make you want to get in between the sheets. Start with a pair of Euro pillows before adding two or three decorative pillows for extra detail.

8. Use a Shag Rug

A shag rug is soft and comfy when you want to feel at home while walking around in the room. Place it at the end of the bed or in a seating area of the room to create a beautiful bedroom design.