Even if you don’t have kids or they won’t be in school when you live in the house, set aside some space in your custom home for a homework and study area. It won’t be wasted on the kids and even without them; it will be usable for everyone else too.

In today’s high tech environment, it’s easier to call anywhere in your home a good study place, but when you design a private space just for study, you broaden the experience of learning for everybody who uses the room.

Design Basics

Think about designating a separate space as a homework area. Many children associate their bedrooms as a play area, and the presence of toys may make it more difficult for them to focus on their homework instead of playtime. Bedrooms are also normally removed from the flow of traffic in the livable areas of the home.

As you go through the rudiments of custom home design, consider placing the homework area near the family room or kitchen, the two spaces where most people spend their time. If there’s no available space near these spaces, ask your architect if you can set aside a loft space to use as a study area.

Custom Home Study Space

Design and Features

Wherever you put the study area, consider installing these features for your custom home:

Bottom Line

When you’re designing your custom home with Alair Homes, create a space where your kids or future families will be able to use as a study or learning space. Designing it to nurture the learning experience will make it an enjoyable space inside your home.