From the closets to the kitchen pantry, there are several areas of the home that can become cluttered and unorganized throughout the year due to frequent use of the space. For residents who live on the property, it can be difficult to relax and feel at ease in a space that is messy. To transform your home and make it organized from top to bottom in 10 weeks, there are a few important tips to follow.

Use Racks in the Entryway

Although the entryway of the home is small in size, it can quickly become messy due to shoes, purses, and backpacks that begin to pile up each day. Hang a coat rack where you can store jackets and bags while keeping them off of the floor with vertical wall space that is used. A bench with storage that is available underneath can also be used to store shoes and sporting equipment that kids may take outside while keeping everything in a discrete location that frees up the floor.

Scan Papers in the Home Office

Receipts, documents, and loose papers can all cause the home office to become cluttered and can make it difficult to find what you need when you’re paying bills or are working. Scan all of the documents and upload the items onto a hard drive to free up space on your desk. You can also purge old papers from your filing cabinet and shred them if they’re no longer needed. Clean out the drawers in the desk and toss out pens or broken staplers that no longer work to remover excess clutter. You’ll also want to use organizers to make items easy to find with pens, post-it notes, and scissors that are stored in the drawers. You can also wipe down the inside of the drawers and the top of the desk to create a cleaner environment that is organized and easy to work in.

Purge Unused Clothes in Closets

Although the bedrooms in Alair Homes Bradford are spacious, they can become cluttered if clothes aren’t neatly organized in dressers and walk-in closets. Toss out or donate garments that haven’t been used in the last year and store seasonal clothes that aren’t used frequently in another location. You can also freshen up the bedroom by washing the bedspread, curtains, and pillows that are used. Spot clean stains and deep clean the carpets to create a more comfortable setting.

Declutter the Living Room

Declutter the living room by tossing out movies or video games that aren’t played often. You can also dust off books on the shelves and use containers to store knickknacks that often take up too much room. Clean underneath the furniture and vacuum under the couch cushions for crumbs that may be present.

Increase the Functionality of the Laundry Room

Free up space in the laundry room by creating an area where you can fold laundry and also hang it as it dries. Baskets can be used to store laundry products and stain removers to keep the items together and prevent them from becoming scattered throughout the space. A rolling laundry cart can also be used to transport the clothes from one area of the room to the folding table for increased functionality and convenience.