Older homes have a unique beauty and character all on its own. Taking on a renovation or restoration of an old home can be a daunting task and can be met with many challenges. However, once these challenges have been carefully dealt with and the home is being brought back to its former glory, many pleasant surprises can be found along the way. The end result can be very rewarding.

Start With an Inspection

The first step to take before getting started is making sure you have an inspection done for hazardous materials that can be found. Some of these materials can be, asbestos, lead paint, lead plumbing, old electric wiring, and balloon framing. These materials have to be professionally dealt with, sometimes removed and updated to code.

Often times in older homes, the heating system also needs to be updated or replaced. Chimneys and fireplaces have to have a W.E.T.T. certificate inspection to ensure safety.

In some cases when a wall or doorway has to be opened up, it is very important to consider the structural integrity and to make sure headers are installed for proper support.

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Pleasant Hidden Surprises

Older homes can reveal wonderful hidden surprises that make it all worthwhile. Often times when removing old linoleum or carpet, beautiful hardwood is often discovered underneath. These floors can be professionally sanded and re-stained that will add a warm patina and add value. Often times when old paneling or plaster is removed, beautiful exposed brick is often found hiding underneath. Old beams or wood paneling can be often found in the ceiling that can be freshly painted. Stairs that have been covered with old runners and carpet can be either painted over or sanded and re-stained.

Mixing New with the Old

Often times windows have to be replaced because of the single pane glass, but stained glass and lead windows are often kept. Interior doors and wide baseboards can look beautiful with a fresh coat of paint. Wood paneling or moldings can be added on walls and ceilings to add character and value. When doing a renovation on an old house mixing in new elements with the old will make it more functional and give it a fresh aesthetic.

Restoring or renovating an old home takes time, patience and a vision, but the satisfaction it will bring to you and your family will make it all the more worthwhile.