Your utility room is generally a different sort of room than the rest of the house since it’s almost the only space in the house that guests won’t be likely to see. These hard-working spaces are for you and your family alone, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive. Here are five easy ways to renovate a utility room so that it is both practical and pretty.

Make Form Follow Function

Whether you want your utility room to be modern and minimalist, clean and elegant, or hard-working in a country sort of way, keep in mind what it’ll be used for and plan accordingly during your home renovation. Materials that are easy to clean, such as linoleum, tile, and polished surfaces, will be best for both flooring and counter surfaces.

Play Tetris for Grown-Ups

There’s almost nothing as satisfying as a well-organized space, where everything fits neatly in its place. During the planning stages of your home renovation, take the time to consider all of the items you typically store in your utility room, and what you need the most frequent and easiest access to. If you’re not sure or want the flexibility to change your storage to fit your needs, opt for a system with adjustable shelving.

Think Big

Speaking of storage, don’t forget that some of the key items that will be stored in your utility room will need storage spaces large enough to fit them. A home renovation is a perfect time to add custom storage to fit items like this. Consider including a tall cabinet for items such as an upright vacuum, a broom, and a mop. Ironing boards can also be stored in a tall cabinet, or they can be built into the cabinetry so that they pull out or down when you need them.

Designing a utility room with Alair Homes bradford

Organize in 3D

Don’t get two-dimensional when planning your utility room, and focus only on the cabinet space. Remember that everything from empty wall space to ceiling space can be utilized. For instance, pull-down laundry drying racks or ironing boards are popular uses for empty wall space, and clotheslines or bars can even be installed so that they pull out across the room or down from the ceiling. Swing-out bars are another popular option, whether they’re used for drying laundry or hanging clothes.

Hook Them In

Every utility room needs hooks. These might not have assigned uses, but provide a flexible storage space wherever they might be needed, such as over a utility sink. Hooks can also be a way to keep items such as brooms and mops tidy, whether they are mounted inside a cabinet to keep the interior neat, or on the wall for a more exposed look.

Find What Works for You

Your home renovation gives you an opportunity to plan spaces that meet your own unique needs, even in underrated spaces such as your utility room. Remember, this space should reflect not only the room’s purpose but also your own personal tastes. A pretty utility room might not make laundry or cleaning fun, per se, but you can make a tedious task easier and less of a chore with these five tips for designing your utility room.

Alair Homes is here to help with renovations like this, or if your current home isn’t “just right”, we can build you a gorgeous custom built home to your exact specifications. Contact us to discuss your goals, and let’s work together to make them a reality.