Setting a price for a custom built home is a complex endeavor that cannot be pinned down to a simple price per square foot. Building according to basic stock plans tends to let firms simplify pricing in the same way any other product manufacturer can, but this is not the case for custom homes.

Custom Home Pricing

A custom built home is the cementing of a dream. Every single property is unique, so appraisals need to be approached on an individual basis. You can certainly expect your custom home builder to turn your project into a science that’s planned all the way down to the minutiae of budget and schedule, but the same can’t be said for its price. To arrive at specifics, an array of questions will be asked. An excellent builder will go beyond even that, adjusting your expectations and assumptions so that you’re both on the same page before you begin.

A layperson’s understanding of the nuts and bolts of house pricing is rarely the same as a professional’s. Square footage, for example, is not as simple as you might imagine. Your basement won’t cost as much as your kitchen. The complexity of your floor plan affects your price, too. Your custom home in Bradford, ON won’t cost the same as a traditional plan in another city. Excavation, permits, utilities, and engineering create an enormous variation of costs, and every detail must be factored in.

Interiors & Fixtures

Your interior finishes are equally influential. If you’ve chosen economical fittings, you’ll save the kind of pennies that a luxury interior simply won’t allow. Intricate moldings, expensive floor treatments, and sophisticated plumbing fixtures cost more money, but they also increase the value of your home over the long term, raising your ultimate return on investment.

Finally, your Bradford house will be compared to floor plans and locations similar to your own to give you a better idea of what you might pay. This lets you adjust your home’s quality and complexity to fit your budget like a glove.

Estimates cannot be given by phone. A premium builder will want to show you photographs and specifications so that your time is invested well, even if you don’t choose to use them. Not only that, but Alair Homes Bradford achieves transparency through our Client Control software, which puts the control over your project in your hands where it belongs.