When building a custom home, one of the most important features of the final product is the design of the space. As the primary room that is used in the home, the kitchen should be functional and updated to enhance its level of appeal. When you’re building a custom home, Alair Homes Bradford offers a few kitchen trends worth considering.

Fewer Upper Cabinets

More people are gravitating towards a minimal look in their kitchen to create a light and airy setting. One of the steps towards creating a spacious environment is reducing the number of cabinets that are visible, making it necessary to limit how many upper cabinets are built during the construction process. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean less storage space, it will prevent the clutter from being in plain sight.

Deeper drawers can be used to store cups and pantry pullouts will be useful in storing stainless steel bowls and glassware.

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Black Stainless Appliances

Black stainless appliances have replaced stainless steel products for their high level of design and added edge that is incorporated into kitchens. They easily hide fingerprints on the surface, creating a cleaner look in the room that is also more masculine.

Touch Faucets

Touch faucets are commonly found in public places but are also being used more in residential homes due to how useful they are in the space. They’ll increase the functionality of the room by making it easy to turn on the water when your hands are full or are dirty. You can efficiently use your arm or the back of your hand to turn on the water in seconds.

Illuminated Interiors

It can be easy to have difficulty finding a cup or dish in the back of a cabinet due to the dark interior. With illumination, you can see what you’re reaching for and also create a sleek kitchen setting. Consider illuminating your pantry to make it easier to navigate and get what you need as you’re searching for different products or ingredients.

Steam Convection Ovens

Those who adopt a healthy lifestyle enjoy using steam convection ovens because they’re known to lock in nutrients in the food that is cooked and prevents it from drying out as it’s heated. The ovens make it easy to reheat leftovers with settings that will allow you to roast or bake. Many people believe that steam convection ovens are slowly replacing microwaves in homes.

Add a Seating Area

Although more people have used islands to create a place to lounge in the kitchen, seating areas are increasing in popularity for the cozy touch that they add to your home.

You can also choose a couch that can be used in the corner of the room and features a neutral color shade with the upholstery that is used. You’ll create a place where you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine after cooking a meal or entertaining your guests.

Servo Drive Cabinetry

Create a smart kitchen with servo drive cabinetry that allows you to open certain cabinets with a remote control that is used as you cook or clean. You can even open up a trash bin with a gentle touch of your knee, making it easy to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs while spending time in the kitchen.