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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart or soul of the home. Just host a party in your home and inevitably you will find your guests gravitating toward the kitchen area. For this reasons, many modern homes contain open kitchens that blend into living and family rooms, creating plenty of space for your guests and visitors to congregate in the kitchen. Even when you do not have guests or visitors, however, the kitchen is often still the communal gathering area for a family or even room-mates living together. For this reason, people often want their kitchens to be warm, friendly, inviting areas, drenched in light and smelling of good food. Here are 5 ways to bring more joy into this life-giving room in your house.

Make your kitchen smell delicious

Whether it’s orange or lemon rinds simmering on the stove or the smell of fresh baked cookies, nothing draws in a crowd like delicious scents emanating from the kitchen. Whether you want to create warm memories for your children for years to come, or always be ready for unexpected guests, nothing is easier than to always have a pot of something simmering in the kitchen.

Add bright pops of color wherever you can

Whether it’s festive kitchen towels hanging from the oven handle or bowls of brightly colored fruit on the counter, nothing spreads joy like a brightly accented kitchen. Put out gourds and greenery in the fall or pitchers of wildflowers in the summer. Adding touches of joy to your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive.

Kitchen Renovations
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Provide ample seating

Nothing will encourage your family, friends or guests to spend time in the kitchen like plenty of comfortable seating. Whether it’s benches at a breakfast table, padded stools at a bar or even charts at a full size table, nothing brings joy like the party atmosphere that is created whenever a kitchen fills up with bodies. And if there’s good food to snack or nibble on while they are waiting for a meal, so much the better!

Hang copper pots and kettles

Not only is hanging your pots and pans a great way to store them, but the warmth and richness of the copper will add joyous warmth to your kitchen. Hang stainless pots and pans or a brightly colored tea kettle to add a great touch of light and life and vibrance to your kitchen.

Don’t worry if your kitchen is a little messy

The best kitchens are well used – and well loved – kitchens, and those kitchens always border a bit on the untidy side. Kitchens are rarely formal areas like a dining room or formal living room. Even in our less formal modern times, new visitors are often relegated to the living room or dining room, but the kitchen is the domain of family and friends. A little sauce on the counter and a few dishes on the sink are not a cause for alarm in the heart of your home.

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