You don’t have to take drastic measures to get your desired curb appeal for your home such as having extensive remodeling done or purchasing a brand new house. There are dozens of small ways you can get the update your home needs.

Here are 10 recommended tips from Alair Homes Bradford to boost your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank with costly construction.

1. Stairs

If you find your stairs looking weary, installing new ones can improve the look of your house immensely. However, you don’t even have to purchase new stairs or a new porch if you are under a tight budget, even adding new railings or polishing up your current stairs can add to its curb appeal.

2. Railings

Adding a new railing in front of your home can change the way it looks with doing very minimal work. You don’t even have to choose a railing that suits your home, just find one that best fits your lifestyle. Plus, nobody’s home has to be primarily one style anyway.

3. Overhang

Installing an overhang in front of your main door can both add necessary protection from the outdoor elements, as well as style to your home. Have fun with choosing your overhang and pick a modern or classic design that suits both the look of your home and your style favoring.

4. Materials

Adding new siding to your home can totally change the look of your home. Even adding small portions of stone veneer to the exterior of your house can add a whole new feel to its curb appeal.

5. Pathways

You don’t need to empty your wallet to get the landscaping and pathways you’ve always dreamed of. Simply start with a small pathway from your house, and add small landscaping details along the way.

6. Landscaping

If you’re looking to change the look of your home in a big way, having soft and hard landscaping done can be the change it needs. However, we recommend talking with a landscape designer prior to starting work to get a centralized plan. Even though this route of updating your curb appeal can be a costly process, most homeowners can agree that it is worth every penny.

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7. Paint

A new paint job can improve the curb appeal of your home. Especially if you find your house paint is peeling or deteriorating from the outdoor elements, it may be time to hire a painter to add on a new coat.
However, don’t think that you have to use the same paint color as before. Now is the best time to decide if there is another paint color that better suits your home. Plus, there are a variety of free online programs that let you see what your house would look like with other colors at play.

8. House Numbers

House numbers age fast and fall off sooner than you’d expect. Picking out and installing new house numbers is a great, cheap way to improve the exterior of your home.

9. Front Doors

One of the best places to start when updating your home is your front door. You should go for a theme that best blends with your interior design and are welcoming to guests.

10. Lighting

Adding exterior light sources, such as path lights or overhead lights can increase visibility for outdoor events and make your yard or driveway look even bigger than it actually is.