As times change, so do tastes. The latest trends in any field are only the reflection of these changing interests. That is what makes it so important to keep up with them. The beginning of this year kicked off with some interesting trends in the interior design sector. Here are some of them for designing your new home in 2018.

Smart Homes

With the advancements in the field of technology enhancing lives, home design sector is also leaning towards creating smarter homes. With interfaces like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana connected to everything from lighting to fridges television and air conditioning, they are now fully integrated to living spaces and are all set to make life simpler.

Curvy Furniture

The focus is on making homes a safe sanctuary and a place for relaxation and recuperation. Large curvy furniture is inviting and gives a feeling of comfort and security inside the minimalistic interiors.

Custom Artwork

People are moving away from mass-produced artifacts and instead opting for traditional handicrafts to add beauty and sophistication to the interiors. Authentic custom-made artworks have stories behind them which make them more valuable. They can now be sourced from anywhere in the world from the comfort of our homes through internet.

Unique Rugs

Rugs serve more than just a utility value in homes now, they also appeal to the aesthetic senses. Designed in different bold colors, designs, textures and sizes, rugs are changing the way rooms look in more ways than one.

Serene Space

In a world overwhelmed by technology, nature inspired spaces are becoming a popular trend to get away from all the digital noise. Visual distractions are kept to the minimum and emphasis is placed on soothing the eye and the brain through soothing colors and simple furniture.