Designing a custom built home starts from the ground up and gives you a chance to make it exactly how you want it. The front entry and the staircase are often combined to make accessing the upstairs from the front door immediate.

Spatially, this relationship can be beneficial. A stairway does need plenty of square footage, and combining it with the foyer gives it the space it needs in an area that’s not often used. It also helps the home aesthetically. The vast majority of homebuyers make their first impressions of the home just before and right after they enter. A striking entryway and staircase can make a powerful statement.

Photo by Alair Homes BradfordDiscover staircase design ideas

Things to Consider

Before you decide whether to combine the stairway with the foyer, go over the floorplan details with the architect to see where the best staircase placement would be in terms of space utilization. There are ways to give the foyer for your custom built home the statement you want, whether it’s subdued and quiet or dramatic and elegant.

There may also be livability concerns for the design and position of the staircase. A spiral staircase may convey elegance, but it may not be easy for everyone to navigate. Young children, the visually impaired, or people with physical challenges may find using a curved stairway difficult. They may appreciate a stairway built in a rectangular style with a landing halfway up.

How the Entry Functions

Besides choosing the best position and style for your custom built home, it’s also important to address how you want the entry space to function. Will you need a coat closet nearby or a powder room? Will most of your entrances and exits occur through the front door? If so, will you need furniture or hardware nearby to stack the mail, remove the muddy boots, or hang the heavy winter outerwear? If any of those answers are “yes,” you may want to use flooring and trim materials that can withstand rugged use.

You’ll also have to weigh the value of the foyer and the staircase against the space it requires and consider whether you’ll have to make tradeoffs to achieve your goals.

Bottom Line

The relationship between the staircase and the entryway can be mutually beneficial, or the two can be separate. As you move forward with the design process for your Alair Homes custom built home, discuss your options and goals with the design team to achieve the look and feel you want.