Bradford is a city that has had a lot of issues over the past couple of years. In the past, there have been many great qualities about the city. However, as the economy changed there were many jobs lost in the city. This reduced the revenues that were coming in and many areas of Bradford began to deteriorate. Over the long term, this is something that can be fixed with the proper revitalization program. Here are several ways in which Bradford plans on increasing its economic growth and desirability over the coming years through its Downtown Revitalization Program.

Inner City Work

Bradford has several different areas within its city limits that are struggling. One of the biggest areas that needs help is the inner city within Bradford. In this area, the crime is higher and the incomes are lower. As the manufacturing jobs in the city moved out, there are many people who never fully recovered economically. It is vital that more job opportunities come up in this area. Bradford should invest in this area of the city in order to enhance the economic growth. Over the long term, this will pay a lot of dividends when it comes to the overall growth and health of the city. There are several different jobs programs that have been offered up as a starting point. The good news is that with the holiday season coming up, many businesses will want to hire people to take on more workers for the holidays sales increase.


Bradford is an older city with a lot of culture. However, this means that the infrastructure is not as strong as it could be. There are many different things to keep in mind when it comes to increasing the sustainability of an area. Over the long term, these investments can increase the income that comes into an area as well as the property values. There are many different ways this can be accomplished in Bradford. In many parts of the city, there are no trash cans for many blocks. Trash tends to build up in the streets, and there are few city programs to get this cleaned up. Not only does this make the city look bad, but it also poses a health hazard over the long term. A small investment of putting trash cans up in enough places within the city would work wonders in getting the area to look nicer. In addition, having some sort of recycling program could help to employ people in the city and reduce pollution.


Over the long term, one of the most important aspects of helping a city is getting the job growth to where it needs to be. Even a very nice city will have some trouble growing with a lack of jobs to support the people who are moving to an area. This is vital for Bradford to take on over the next few years. Bradford must transition from a manufacturing city to one that can be supported by other industries. Increasing the educational opportunities for residents after graduating from high school is the best first step possible in this plan.

Final Thoughts

Bradford has had some issues over the past couple of years with economic growth. However, there are many different ways in which the city can be revitalized to start again. Increasing the investments in educational opportunities and cleaning up the city are just two examples of this. Anyone who wants to help build the city up again needs to start investing time and money into the infrastructure and the people who are living in Bradford.