10 Feb Home Design Trends You’ll See More of in 2019

In Interior Design Ideas by Alair Homes

Now that you have decided to renovate your Bradford home, you may be eager to begin seeing results in your space. A home renovation provides… Read More

18 Jan How Has Home Building Changed Over Time?

All things change with time, and houses aren’t an exception to this. The main purpose of a home is to meet the needs of the… Read More

30 Dec Questions to Ask When Selecting the Floor Plan for Your Bradford Custom Home

If you’ve never owned a custom built home before, your floor plan design probably feels like a journey to an alien planet. It’s not easy… Read More

26 Nov Best Home Office Design Ideas

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The advent of the high-speed internet made working from not only possible but a convenience many can’t do without. A home office made in a… Read More

16 Nov Interior Designs That Are Proving Popular With Canadians

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2018 is proving to be the year of fun and fabulous interior designing trends. Whether building a custom home or renovating a kitchen or bathroom,… Read More

12 Nov Best Materials for Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops serve a variety of purposes – from adding a certain aesthetic appeal to your bathroom to serving as a stand for bathroom products,… Read More

31 Oct Entryways and Staircases in Your Custom Home

Designing a custom built home starts from the ground up and gives you a chance to make it exactly how you want it. The front… Read More

25 May Home Design Trends of 2018

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As times change, so do tastes. The latest trends in any field are only the reflection of these changing interests. That is what makes it… Read More

23 May 8 Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Luxe

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Coming home to a beautiful bedroom each day will make it easy to relax and sleep deeply at night. Those who want to create a… Read More

18 Feb 9 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Design

In Interior Design Ideas by Alair Homes

It’s difficult to translate the ideal aesthetic image for your home from your mind’s eye to the real world, and often you’ll find small details… Read More

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