The Fraser Institute is a web site dedicated to showing the rankings of all Bradford schools and can be accessed at: Their website provides searchable rankings based on academic performance through standardized assessments as performed over the years. This website allows for making comparisons between different elementary schools and their academic performance based on various academic criteria. These are the top 4 elementary schools in Bradford according to The Fraser Institute:

St. Charles Elementary

Ranking number one amongst all the schools in Bradford is St. Charles. A small private catholic school dedicated to providing an excellent education guided by catholic values. Faculty and staff nurture students spiritually and academically by adapting to each student’s individual learning methods. St. Charles follows the Ministry of Education curriculum which can be accessed from their school website. As part of their curriculum, students begin learning French as a second language at grade 2. Students must meet specific eligibility requirements prior to enrollment. All registry information can be found on the St. Charles Elementary School website.

St. Charles Prep School Brandford

Fieldcrest Elementary

A public elementary school that is a part of the Simcoe County District School Board known for teaching kids more than academics. This elementary school participates in the Character Education Program focusing on teaching students the universal character traits they need to successfully adapt to all races, religions, and social cultures. Fieldcrest also participates in another beneficial program known as the School Improvement Plan. This program is school specific, meaning it is designed each year to promote student achievement and to accomplish specific goals set by the school at the beginning of the year.

Sir William Osler Elementary

Another top-ranking elementary school located within the Simcoe Country District School Board that also participates in the Character Education program and the School Improvement Plan. This public school focuses on teaching students to wise with their words and actions. They often hold assemblies focusing on character development and teaching students how to effectively express themselves inside and outside the classroom. As a part of the Simcoe County School District curriculum, students begin learning French as a second language at grade 4 and extended classes are offered in grade 5. All information pertaining to registration can be found on their school website.

Chris Hadfield Elementary

Located on Church St. within the Simcoe County District School Board is the Chris Hadfield Elementary school home of the commanders. Like the other participating elementary schools within the Simcoe District School Board, Chris Hadfield Elementary ranking amongst the top of the list of elementary schools within the Bradford area. This elementary school was just recently built in the Southwest quadrant of Bradford and closely follows the same curriculum and student opportunity programs as the rest of the SCDSB elementary schools.