What are the responsibilities of a project manager and why are they a crucial part of a construction project?

Many projects tend to go off schedule simply because not enough planning was done at the beginning of the project. A project manager will take the time to get pricing from the trades and suppliers plus confirm that they are able to meet certain timelines. Many trades will say yes to quoting a project to get their foot into the door and to get the business but when the time comes to actually start working on a project they become unavailable due to other commitments.

This is where a project manager makes the difference, by ensuring a sub trade agreement is created to protect the schedule and most of all the clients and their project. This is usually done in the design and estimation stage. The project manager will set up trades and the schedule by completing a design & estimation, once the D&E is completed the client will have a clear picture of how the the project will proceed. The client will see the costs step by step, and the sub trade agreements which are put in place to protect the client.

Why work with Alair Homes?

Through the Alair way of project management and transparency the client has access to their project online any time and from anywhere in the world. Another aspect of a project is the permits to think about. For example, is the land they wish to build on protected? Any land in Ontario that is within the Niagara Escarpment is often protected and would need the NEC approval to build on. Some trades are fully trained and have a WSIB coverage. These are just a few reasons for having a project manager on your build. Work with a trustworthy and knowledgeable builder like Alair Homes Bradford on any home improvement project!