It’s difficult to translate the ideal aesthetic image for your home from your mind’s eye to the real world, and often you’ll find small details that aren’t readily obvious will end up making a huge impact on the overall feel of your space. The subtleties involved in designing the perfect home are easily overlooked, so knowing what to look for is paramount to creating the most comfortable, pleasing home possible. Below is a list of nine of the most commonly ignored finishing touches often missed by homeowners, and the professional general contractors at Alair Homes will ensure none of these go unnoticed.

1. Area Rugs

You might not want to cover your gorgeous hardwood floors, but an area rug is a great way to tie together a seating arrangement. However, it’s important that the rug be large enough to tuck underneath all the pieces of furniture in the group. Rugs floating between pieces should be avoided. Custom rugs can be a good option for achieving unusual sizes.

2. Full-Height Cabinets

The dead space above a set of beautiful cabinets will only draw attention away from the main focus. That upper space is usually filled with excessive decor in an attempt to detract from the emptiness. Closing off that empty space with molded filler pieces or even additional cabinet space is a far better use of resources, and it will create a smoother overall appearance of the kitchen.

3. Texture

Variety is what makes a space truly stand out, and adding elements of different texture and color can change a dull or simple space into the focus of your home. Bringing in an array of materials like wood, metal, glass, leather, ceramic, mirrors, and countless others, will promote a unique sense of creativity.

4. Layered Lighting

No room should have only one light source. Multiple sources will reduce shadows and bring a warmer sense of completion to any room. The inclusion of spotlights, lamps, and even candles can drastically affect the quality of your home. By including multiple sources, you have the ability to create a spectrum of lighting possibilities in your home, from bright and open to dim and moody.

Transitional Kitchen

5. Floating Furnishings

You might think floating pieces of furniture aren’t a great idea because floating rugs are usually meant to be avoided, but that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, a good floating piece of furniture can make a large space feel much more manageable and homey. In small rooms, pulling furniture away from the wall can instill an individualistic dynamic to your space.

6. Full Drapes

Depending on your specific style of decor, draperies might not be necessary in every room. Certain design trends even call for windows to be free of any shading at all, which can be appealing. However, when you do need coverage, it’s important to remember to use large, decorative drapes that go beyond merely functional.

7. Clean Lines

Regardless of style or design, clean, sharp, and well defined lines are critical to creating that smooth, polished appearance. Keeping cabinets flush and making sure everything aligns neatly will make your kitchen much more appealing. The sharp lines also promote a sense of cleanliness that can really add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

8. Tall Baseboards

While these aren’t essential, they can add a level of elegance and sophistication that goes beyond the simple furnishings. The contracting professionals at Alair Homes can help with any remodel in which you decide to update your baseboards, and doing so will transform any simple room into a civilized estate.

9. A Splash of Life

Living plants are a great way to create a sense of growth, and they can be sources of dynamic change from one focal point to another. Other warm elements like photos and family heirlooms will transform the once dull space into your ideal home.