Coming home to a beautiful bedroom each day will make it easy to relax and sleep deeply at night. Those who want to create a rich interior setting that looks professionally designed should opt for high-quality elements. When you’re ready to make your bedroom more luxe, here are a few ideas from Alair Homes Bradford that you can consider implementing.

1. Add Dramatic Curtains

After moving into your home, you’ll want to dress up the windows with dramatic curtains that incorporate plenty of color into the room. Choose a vibrant color that is one of the primary shades used in the room’s color scheme to create a cozy effect. If you want to allow more natural light to come into the room, consider using sheer curtains that add a touch of warmth but don’t create a dim setting.

2. Use Luxurious Lights

The light fixtures that are used in the room set the style and tone of the setting, making it necessary to update old features. Add a starburst chandelier overhead that nods to past decades but has a modern twist for extra glam. You can also hang a classic chandelier that features plenty of crystals. Choose a product that is silver or gold and complements the other metal pieces in the room.

Instead of lamps on nightstands, add sconces on either side of the bed to create a luxurious bedroom design that looks similar to a hotel.

3. Purchase a Handful of Pillows

Enhance the style of your bedding and allow it to look complete with lush pillows that add extra texture and detail to your bed. Use a mixture of decorative pillows and Euro pillows to vamp up the style of the room and make it look gorgeous.

4. Add a Blanket

Use a few blankets to decorate with, which can be thrown over the back of a chair or used on the end of the bed. Choose a fur or silk blanket to use, which will create extra warmth with the luxurious material that is used. The blanket will also balance out the pillows and add extra symmetry.

5. Create a Seating Area

You can enhance your bedroom design with a seating area that offers a touch of versatility to the room. The seating area can feature a chaise or a lounge chair with a side table. Consider adding a few books and a candle to create a relaxing area.

6. Add an Area Rug

An area rug can add a touch of detail to bare wood floors and can incorporate an extra print or pattern that contributes to the style of the space. Choose an area rug that fits under the front legs of all of the furniture pieces.

7. Choose an Upscale Headboard

Invest in an upscale headboard that uses a bold color shade or a decorative element that stands out. You can also make it the centerpiece of the room with its height, which can add a touch of drama.

8. Create an Accent Wall

Create an accent wall behind your bed with the use of elegant artwork or wallpaper, which should be opposite of the door to the room. Choose a wallpaper print that is bold and uses the same colors as the surrounding decor.